Self-publishing Eye Openers: Number 3458

Welcome back. This article is a return to my experience since publishing The Red Room back in February and I hope that it will provide a little guidance to other self-published writers who are just starting to make their way into the world of books. Any world-weary, battle-hardened self-publishers reading this will probably be shaking their […]

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Self-Publishing isn’t a dirty word…

I recently read this article from the Huffington Post: It didn’t make me so angry that I kicked my cat over next door’s fence, far from it. But it did cause a few disgruntled snorts. In case you can’t be bothered to read it completely (and I don’t blame you) I’ll summarise it: In […]

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The Journey Begins … Part 2

It’s been just over a month since Chris Thomas burst onto the literary scene in a blaze of Tweets, Facebook posts and general bothering of everyone I know until they bought a copy of my debut novel The Red Room. Or at least made enough of a hint that they would buy it so that […]

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